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In this section I showcase some of my work.  It was difficult to choose from the100's of videos I have, but I think these stand out and gives you a good idea of the quality of training you can expect when training with CK9.

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Coco - Female German Shepherd

Coco was trained to Level 1 Personal Protection.
She is the daughter of Ninja who is also featured on this page.
I had a lot of fun with her.

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Logan taking some pressure!

My boy Logan. With years of training I have built him up to one fearless, unstoppable animal. There is nothing this dog will not do for me.

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Advanced Obedience

It is not necessary for a personal protection dog to have this level of obedience.  But if you are someone that enjoys training, it is fun to see how far you can go with you dog.

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Attempted robbery at ATM

Here K9 Benny demonstrates just one of the many, many uses of a trained PPD (Personal Protection Dog).

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Attempted car theft

Another great demonstration by K9 Benny

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Malinois Storm

Storm demonstrates two of the standard scenarios we train for; the "car jacking" and "attack on handler".  Storm boarded with me in 2017 and in little over 2 months I had her ready for her PSA-PDC (Protection dog certificate).

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Equipment shedding drill

Here K9 Ninja demonstrates one of the drills we do to ensure the dog does not become fixated on the equipment, but targets the man.

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Early days & where we started

This video was done way back when we started out and was still known as Bite Club.  The dogs featured here I consider the foundation dogs of my club and what eventually led to the founding of Cape K9.  My boy Logan, Turbo the Border Collie and Syrah the Pitbull.  I will never forget them!

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