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Gender: Male

DOB: 7 September 2019

Pedigree: Not registered

Function: Personal Protection Dog

Training: Protection | Obedience


Titan is goofy, friendly and social. He is very easy going and loves to be with his person.   He is calm and relaxed and is the ideal dog for someone who does not have a lot of time to spend exercising a dog.  He is on the smaller side for a rottie which makes him perfect to have around in the house or travel with in a car. But despite his calm and relaxed nature Titan is a no-nonsense dog when it comes to his protection work.  I feel sorry for anyone on the receiving end of the these powerful jaws!

TITAN: About Me

Titan - end of phase 1 result

TITAN: Video

Titan Obedience

TITAN: Video

Titan's first session on the sleeve

TITAN: Video
TITAN: Pro Gallery
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