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I booked Ginger in for long term boarding and training while I was abroad. Aliana’s training was excellent, Ginger was well cared for and on my return Ginger’s discipline was superb. Will continue with the trading both for myself and her going forward! Thank you so much Aliana!

Peter Raimondo


We found Aliana and her team though a thorough internet research and went for an assessment for one of our Dobermans for protection dog training and obedience training. While Jagger stayed with Aliana for board and train we witnessed tremendous improvements in his skills and his obedience. After this success we decided to send our second Doberman to her farm for board and train as well and the results were simply amazing. This time with our second Doberman it was more about confidence building and obedience than protection dog work. We can't thank Aliana enough for setting us and our dogs up for success. Walks either off leash or on the lead are a pleasant and stress free experience for all of us now. Aliana takes pride in her work - one can see that immediately. She "speaks dog" and loves to work with K9s and loves to bring out the best possible results in each dog - on a individual basis - depending on the specific dog and its needs and disposition.
We can only highly recommend her work and her results and her team who is part of the success story. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Birgit Gregory


Aliana looks after your dog with such love and care. He came back one happy, fit, very obedient dog. The transformation in him is amazing!
He listens to commands, is eager to please you and he now walks and runs on a leash without pulling. Logan will protect us with his life... But with the the ability to destinguish between friend and foe and only when prompted to do so. He just came back HAPPY. And so are we!! Aliana is amazing and we will recommend any person with a high drive animal to make use of her services. THANK YOU Aliana!

Helette Venter


Awesome dogs, awesome people it's always a fun time training at CK9.
Aliana is caring, professional and skilled at seeing what is needed to help dogs and owners succeed. The skills that I have learned and continue to learn from her are invaluable.
Her patience and willingness to enter into a true partnership with you is phenomenal. She is invested in your success which is something you really do not often find in the dog training community. Thank you Aliana!


Wish there was a 10 star rating.  With my first dog training session I can see Aliana knows what she is doing and the passion she has for this is something that you will only see in people that really do love dogs and people that comes with it.  It's been 4 months and the passion I see in her is just never ending. I highly recommend Aliana for the training of personal protection and obedience for your 4 leg child.

My husband can speak of experience when our family PPD was in our vehicle when he was attacked by a group of men and without saying a word when our dog see what is about to happen she went in defense and protect my husband from what could have been not so good ending he end up stepping away from the attack without any harm done to him.

Laurika Koen


As I am operating daily in high crime areas, intelligent protection obedience is critical.  Aliana is the most professional CK9 trainer I ever met, giving a hyper balanced protection training to Zuko who at only 10 months can identify friends or foes in the middle of a dozen of people crowd. Aliana patience and deep CK9 behavior experience grows Zuko to a kinetic strike but hyper controllable dog even for a young active woman like me

Natalia Guida Giampietri


CK9 has been the best experience for me and my Rottweiler, Ragnar! Basic obedience and now his bite work we are having a blast! I don't trust my dogs with just anyone and Ragnar has had a sleepover there so that says a lot


We just want to say thank you very much we are more than satisfied with Sergeant's training for the last 6 weeks with you, we couldn't ask for someone better to train him for us, you are really the best in what you do!!!! (I think we should also send our little girl to you.) :-)

Kobus Etzebeth


We have had the most positive experience with Aliana training our Rottweiler the past 6 weeks. She has been a dedicated and passionate trainer, always focused on her dog creating a close relationship. Their response to her is clear that they trust her instructions and we have experienced this with our new addition to the family.
I love that Aliana checks in with us during and after the transition. Giving us constant support and advice.
This is most reassuring when acquiring such a new furry addiction to the family.
We are more than satisfied and feel content knowing that we can always call on her help if needed.
We will recommend her services without hesitation!!!
Thank you Aliana God bless with the amazing work you do

Noel & Alfreda Bekkers


One will have to search far and wide and climb many mountains to find a person like Aliana Myburgh. She has a soulfull gift to read and train dogs.  It is my priviledge to have two dogs in training with her. Bruce is a 13month malionois - fully trained PPD with a flair for trailing and his ongoing training has made him an invaluable member of our tactical farmwatch response team. Inca is 8months and climbing the training ladder at a steady pace. She is also earmarked to make a difference in the safety of our farming community.

Thank you Aliana Myburgh for your dedication!

Donna van der Walt


Excellent knowlage of K9 training. Very committed and it would be months inbetween training but he always remembers and loves to see you Aliana.

Deirdre Erasmus

CK9 Marshal 02_edited.jpg

Thank you Cape K9 for the expert training provided helping to futher the career of my working K9, Bullet. He's confidence in tracking and suspect apprehension have increased dramatically thanks to your intervention in his training. As a K9 handler who bets his life on his K9's abilities I will definitely recommend any Protection trained K9 from Cape K9.

Tommy Joubert


A wonderful and satisfying experience with Aliana Myburgh [no family relationship] of Cape K9 and Abby [our dear Alsation].
Her knowledgeable and positive approach to Abby and Cielie [handler] reassured us. She has a treasure trove of knowledge and a special sense of the behavior her "pupils"
Aliana has a particularly peaceful nature of how she approaches the animals and handler and this in itself makes the training much faster than otherwise.
She was always willing to listen to our worries and was helpful in her advice when asked. All our inquiries and expectations regarding Abby were met 100%.
Abby's training was a huge success. The fact that the training is “one –on – one” and the tranquil atmosphere of the environment made us more than happy. Abby is progressing well with her behavior and obedience.
We will definitely continue with the training especially with regard to "protection" and are sincerely grateful to Aliana for her input.
Very pleased with Aliana -- highly commendable
Thanks from happy parents as well as Abby.

Frank Myburgh

training day (5).jpg

Fantastic training, holistic approach and good results. I would highly recommend Cape K9 and Aliana for all your dog training needs.

Carrick Campbell


In April of 2014 I traveled to South Africa to deliver seminars to South African dog trainers in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. It was in Cape Town that I had the pleasure to meet Aliana Myburgh, after some time corresponding by email. She was beginning training with her dog Logan, a German Shepherd Dog, in obedience and personal protection, and during the seminar, as we discussed and demonstrated training techniques, I could see that the level of interest and passion for dog training was more than a hobby for her. After that initial meeting we kept in contact during the ensuing year, talking about training, planning new endeavors, and discussing how to bring PSA to South Africa. During my annual trips to South Africa to teach training seminars, we continued to train together. Her drive and enthusiasm is what ultimately began to bring the sport of PSA to South Africa.  Aliana became a dedicated member of the PSA organization and she founded the first PSA club in Africa. Other sport enthusiasts followed her lead. Her passion has led her to become more and more involved in training dogs to the point where it has now become her career focus.

Jerry Bradshaw, CEO & Training Director, Tarheel Canine

decoy camp10.jpg

Aliana has achieved, with little outside help save for some guidance from afar, titles on two dogs in the first ever PSA Trials in Lydenburg in April of 2017. She achieved both the PDC and PSA 1 title on Logan, as well as a PDC title on the malinois Storm. This is no small feat when you have experienced training partners to train with week to week. She did it all on her own. In December of 2016 she flew to India to attend the PSA Decoy Certification held in Delhi and passed for the basic certification. She was used in the trial as an official decoy for the first ever working dog trial in India. She is one of the best female decoys in our entire sport. Currently there are only 3 women certified to work trials in PSA in the world. In the last 3 years I can say without reservation there is no one more focused, no one more driven to be the best at what she does, than Aliana. She is constantly learning, taking every opportunity to improve her skills as a trainer, handler and decoy to not only achieve her own goals, but to teach others to become handlers, trainers and decoys. Her club mates Wesley and Ryan both made full advanced certifications at the PSA Decoy Certification in April. They are her students and she taught them well.

Jerry Bradshaw, CEO & Training Director, Tarheel Canine


Aliana is kind, warm, funny and engaging. She cares deeply for the animals in her care, and her passion and drive will make her a success as a professional dog trainer. Of that I have no doubt. She is very skilled not only at training but at problem solving, and teaching others to handle their dogs properly, and apply the training successfully. Whether you are looking for someone talented and professional to train a personal protection dog or just a pet with whom you wish to improve your relationship, I recommend Aliana without reservation. Aliana has taken and passed the Obedience and Protection Training Distance Learning Course, Through Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. School for Dog Trainers, but more than that has then proven her knowledge by titling her dogs. Over these last 3 years I have met very few people who so impressed me with their singular dedication to their goals, no matter the obstacles. Aliana is that person. I couldn’t be more proud of a student than I am of her. I value our professional association but more I value our friendship because of the wonderful person she is. I look forward to expanding the association between our dog training companies into markets in Africa in the areas of protection, detection, police K9 training, and sport training. I expect her to continue to reach ever higher achievements in the dog sport of PSA, and excel at being a professional dog trainer.

Jerry Bradshaw, CEO & Training Director, Tarheel Canine

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