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~ What do I consider to be the perfect bite dog ~

A dog with real, strong and natural aggression, yet stable & confident with the ability to channel instantly into a full, firm and above all, CALM grip. Calm means no chewing, no shifting, and no frantic pulling, shaking, or growling.

In addition, I want to see natural pushing behaviour, along with the ability to handle stress or pressure without any change in the grip or overall biting behaviour. A dog like this would need strong nerves, otherwise a calm grip would not be possible. For me, nerve strength is the single most important element in any working breed.

In future posts I will go into detail on each of the above mentioned behaviours, what they mean and why I consider them to be important in a working, or more specifically, a bite dog.

For now, here is a video of my little fluff bundle looking very promising and showing tons of potential. This is his second session with a decoy, on the jute pillow. We are still figuring out the best decoy approach for him so it is not perfect. He is very different to the typical dogs we are use to working with. But it is very exciting to see every single element just be naturally present.

Just FYI; He is showing quite a bit of aggression for a 5 month old puppy, but I want to be clear that we are not making him do it, he is giving it on his own. His grip is as calm as I've ever seen, and he is sound around people (including his decoy) when out of drive. If this was not the case I would be concerned, but the aggression is stable and confident, so it is ok.

Working dog profile: Yukon vom Warnemünder Moorgeist

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