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Belgian Malinois


Gender:  Female

DOB:   3 June 2019

Pedigree:  Sjikaina Fadzi

Function: Personal Protection Dog

Training: Protection | Obedience | Tracking


Fadzi is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle.  In her work however, she is a serious dog and the decoy needs to be careful when slipping the sleeve for she will quickly spit it out to re-engage the opponent!  For a malinois she is on the calmer side and will do well in a family environment.  She bonds closely with her person and will love nothing more than to be valued as the protector of her family. 

Fadzi can go separate or as part of a team with her brother Bruce.

Fadzi: About Me

Fadzi prevents an abduction!

Fadzi: Video

Fadzi is sent for a bite on the hidden sleeve, demonstrating her willingness to bite "for real" (no visible equipment). She has very good fight drive when engaged.  Notice how resistance from the opponent only makes her fight harder!

Fadzi: Video

This video features Fadzi, as well as her brother, Bruce.  Bruce is the one at the start of the video and Fadzi comes in at the end.  Both dogs have gone through the same training regimen and both are equally capable.

Fadzi: Video

Fadzi & her brother Bruce, in a synchronised obedience routine

Fadzi: Video


Fadzi: Gallery
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