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Belgian Malinois


Gender:  Male

DOB:   3 June 2019

Pedigree:  Sjikaina Riddick

Function: Personal Protection Dog

Training: Protection | Obedience | Tracking


I raised Bruce and his sister, Fadzi from 2 months old.  To me Bruce is a great example of what a Malinois should be like.  Not only in terms of his structure, but also his temperament.  Bruce has a fantastic work ethic and will go all day if you need him to.  He has great drive and is a hard hitter when it comes to doing bite work.  He is serious in his work, yet he loves to be with his person.  Bruce has an incredibly loyal temperament and when you look into his eyes you can see right into his soul.  He is very alert and fast to react to any threat, as the video of him doing muzzle work clearly demonstrates.  Bruce would be ideal match for an active family that can give him the stimulation he needs.    

Bruce can go separate or as part of a team with his sister Fadzi.

BRUCE: About Me

Bruce working in the muzzle to ensure he will engage the opponent for real (no equipment).  He also demonstrates great control and food refusal.

BRUCE: Video

This video features Bruce, as well as his sister, Fadzi.  Bruce is the one at the start of the video and Fadzi comes in at the end.  Both dogs have gone through the same training regimen and both are equally capable.

BRUCE: Video

Bruce & his sister Fadzi, in a synchronised obedience routine

BRUCE: Video


BRUCE: Gallery
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