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Weekly/group lessons (Obedience & Protection)

R1 200/ dog/ month (flat rate)

The obedience course runs for 3 months.  The protection; minimum of 6 months, but it depends on the dog and how quickly they progress. 

Obedience lessons take place on Saturdays at 9am.

Protection is on Sundays at 9am.

Board & Train (Obedience & Protection)

R12 000 for a 6 week course.

This includes the food, but excludes any training equipment needed or any unforeseen veterinary or medical costs. 

Please contact for availability.

Consultations/ Assessments (Phone or in person)

R 600 once off

Once Off Training Sessions

R 900

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First off, I use prong collars and e-collars in my  training.  I have passed the point where I need to explain any of this to anyone. If your can't trust me with the training process, we won't be a good match. Please look elsewhere.

Second, I focus primarily on working breeds such as German Shepherds & Malinois.  I have no problem helping pet dog owners, but there will not be any special rates just because the dog is a pet dog, or a small breed dog. 

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